Emacs Configuration

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1 Introduction

Some people have a Zen garden, I have my Emacs configuration.

I am far from being an Emacs or Elisp expert, but I love investing time into fiddling with the editor, note-taker and task manager of my choice.

I created this documentation in order to become more structured in my approach - and also learn bit about literate programming. I decided to invest even more time into this and move all my setup into .org files. These files serve as source of the actual Elisp configuration files as well as for this documentation and even generate some fancy illustrations.

Of course, this is a work in progress.

2 Chapters

2.1 General Configuration

Some general Emacs configuration. I use Spacemacs in evil mode and this configuration does not list all my packages yet.

2.2 Org Mode

See my personal Org mode configuration, as I am a daily user of Org mode and put quite some time into sharpening this tool.

2.3 Custom Theme

I use a customized Dracula theme that I heavily modified for Org mode, especially the Org agenda views.

3 Deployment of this site

This site is hosted on Netlify, but right now, without the automated git-deploys. I still use the local Netlify CLI to deploy files exported from Emacs.

It can be deployed to a staging environment following command:

netlify deploy

Once ready, it can overwrite the production site providing the prod flag.

netlify deploy --prod

4 Feedback

I am always happy to receive questions and tipps around this document. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter or just send me a mail to fabrik42 /at/ gmail.com.

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Author: Christian Bäuerlein

Created: 2019-12-22 Sun 20:46